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BVDzero Scholarship

Boehringer Ingelheim grants a total BVDzero scholarship of 10,000 euros to selected 10 students worldwide every 2 years. The company aims to increase bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) awareness among veterinary students. This initiative is implemented in collaboration with the World Association for Buiatrics.

Through the BVDzero Scholarship Programme, Boehringer Ingelheim aims to create awareness of BVD in veterinary students. In addition, the company believes that such initiatives will help increase BVD awareness in general and, as a result, help reduce its prevalence.

Scholarship criteria

As part of this programme, the BVDzero Committee, in collaboration with a representative of the World Association for Buiatrics, identifies outstanding veterinary students from around the world who can help address the ever-changing industry and the health, food, and welfare needs of the veterinary community.

Student criteria

  • Second, third and fourth-year veterinary student
  • Passion for livestock, particularly for cattle industry
  • Demonstration of academic excellence
  • Demonstration of leadership and participation in non-university activities


The applications are reviewed and winners selected by a World Association for Buiatrics representative and the BVDzero Committee, consisting of experts from various countries.