Controlling BVD in an extensive lifestock raising farm in Galicia

Pablo Óscar González
Pablo Óscar González, a spanish veterinarian, visited the Farm of Francisco Javier Álvarez to discuss the impact of BVD vaccination on fertility and miscarriages to reduce economic losses.


BVD in Poland - significance of biosecurity, eradication and vaccination

Przemyslaw Kowalski
Bovine Viral Diarrhea in Poland is still a critical topic although the disease is known for years. Biosecurity, eradication programms with vaccination are important for controlling the disease in Poland.


The role of vets in BVD control

Wiel Van den Ekker

BVD disease has serious clinical and economic implications.


Practical tips on BVD management in dairy herds

Juan Manuel Loste

The presence of BVD antibodies in young heifers is an indicator of active infection with BVD virus in the farm.


Limits of actual control plans

Klaus Doll

In some countries, BVD eradication schemes are based solely on BVD testing not on vaccination.


Biosecurity and BVD

Josef Laureyns

BVD vaccines are a central element of biosecurity as they can prevent infection/re-infection of the herd with BVD virus.


The BVD risk related to extensive breeding system in suckling cows

Raphael Guatteo

When assessing the risk of BVD in an extensive cow-calf system, it is important to consider both the probability of BVD virus introduction and the consequences of its introduction.